About Us

Who are we?

The Foundation in Favor of Life is a non-profit organisation founded on July 20, 2000, that contributes to the society through our social programs «Smile Managers,» which supports single mothers, and «ITAP Rural» (Agricultural Research and Technology), which provides new technology in rural areas to preserve the environment. Our work is currently carried out in the communities of the Pichincha province.



To innovate in technology.

To recover and protect the environment and Pachamama (Mother Earth).

To recycle.

To reforest.

To provide training.

To ensure food security

To strengthen good agricultural practices.

To promote the integral development of vulnerable sectors in our society.

To promote public and private participation in the field of social action.


To decrease deforestation, environmental pollution, and rural migration to cities by empowering communities to develop their potential.

To prevent environmental degradation by promoting reforestation and the proper use of chemicals. 

To make an impact on society by achieving integral development in the individuals served by our social programs.

We appreciate the support of: